EU Transport License in Bulgaria

Bulgarian law offers one of the most liberal procedures for obtaining cargo and passenger transport license. The authority that issues the licenses is Executive Agency “Automobile Administration”. The benefits of getting a Bulgarian cargo or passenger transport license is that it is issued relatively quick (within 20 days) and almost no initial checks are done. This means that you can register a new company and get the license easily. The state & legal fees to register a company in Bulgaria and to be granted a transport license are relatively low.

Steps to obtain EU Transport license issued by the Bulgarian Automobile Administration:

  1. Incorporate a Bulgarian company – using our services your company will be registered in few days only;
  2. Professional Competency certificate – your company should hire a person who passed the state exam for transport company management. We can assist you to find & employ a person who holds this certificate;
  3. Satisfy the financial stability requirement – your company needs to be in a good financial condition. The requirement is easily satisfied by showing in the company financial sheets possession of at least 9,000 € if you apply for one vehicle license and + 5,000 € for every other vehicle you apply for. This amount can also be available through bank guarantee or borrowed from a third party. We can advise you on the best possible way to meet the financial requirements;
  4. Apply for the license;
  5. Accounting services for a transport company in Bulgaria.
Our team of professionals will be glad to assist you through the entire process of obtaining an EU Transport license. The Bulgarian Transport license is valid in all other European Union member countries based on the free movement of goods and services directive.

Benefits of receiving a Bulgarian Transport license

  • You pay only 10% flat rate on corporate & personal income;
  • You pay only 5% dividends tax;
  • Low start up fees and maintenance fees;
  • Low cost Bookkeeping and Payroll service in Bulgaria;
  • Validity of the transport license in all other European Union member states;
  • Lowest salary on professional drivers in the EU.

Our EU Transport License package includes the following:

  1. Registration of a Bulgarian EOOD company;
  2. Garage Lease Agreement;
  3. Maintenance Center – Car Service Station Agreement;
  4. Office Lease Agreement;
  5. Agreement for renting a motor vehicle (the motor vehicle must be registered with the Bulgarian authorities and not registered in another company, or it must be own vehicle;
  6. A certificate of Financial Stability of the Company.
Our fee to assist you through the entire process of obtaining a EU Transport license in Bulgaria is only 3,500 €. Our fee includes the employment of a person who holds a professional competency certificate.

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