Wholesale Food Trading Company

Svetlana Yaroshchuk
I am very pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of А.Sinur. I have known Alex for approximately fourteen years and have used his accounting service for the better part of six years. My Company engaged the services of VARNAFLATS.EU LTD. because I valued Alex’s advice and found her work to be on time and always of a very high standard. He has the ability to explain large concepts with clarity and I always look forward to his trusted advice.


Ivaylo Kostandov
I have been under the spell of VARNAFLATS.EU LTD. for over 3 years and have not only enjoyed first rate service but friendly and timely advice to keep my business operating correctly. I have recommended several friends to their services and would do so again in the knowledge that they will be looked after in the same way.


Dobrina Ivanova
Our company VERONA TEKS LTD. was only just ticking over and was more of a hobby business operating out of our home back in 2010? Our accountant at the time (large company) did not seem to have that great an interest in our operation and we seemed to be only just another number to them. We were introduced to Alex that year and at our first meeting we could tell he cared and wanted to help showing a real interest in our affairs. He helped us setup short and long term goals for the future, and organized our accounting department and SMSF. We are forever grateful to Alex for his ongoing honesty and professionalism. We could not have asked for a better accountant.

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